Author: Paul Valone

  • “Occupy Raleigh” Protesters Led by Fringe Activists

    The “Occupy” movement has steadily encompassed major metropolitan areas across the nation as discontent spreads among Americans who have faced hardships in this harsh economic climate.  Protesters have gathered here in Raleigh on the Capitol Grounds carrying signs and camping out to protest what they see as too much “corporate influence over our elections and […]

  • Certificate of Need: Access Denied

    One intended purpose of Certificate of Need (CON) laws is to increase medical care accessibility to people by encouraging the expansion of medical facilities into rural areas and by decreasing costs that would prevent people from seeking care.  CON laws try to do this by creating committees that oversee the creation and expansion of medical […]

  • Second Amendment Gets a Fresh Look in 2011 Session

    The past legislative session has been a historic victory for Second Amendment rights.  Since claiming both chambers in the North Carolina General Assembly for the first time in over a hundred years, Republicans have made significant Second Amendment advances.  Several bills have been introduced in the legislature and the most comprehensive bill, HB 650, has […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: SB 691 – Raising Rates on Driving

    Nobody likes going to the DMV. The lines are long, the wait is longer, and the service is generally subpar most times. It’s hard to imagine how people can tolerate waiting at the DMV without going mad. While the DMV experience is already dreadful, Senate Bill 691 seeks to also make it more expensive. SB […]