Map Series

These maps show how significant shifts in demographic and other factors are impacting different areas of the state. Important trends in North Carolina can be viewed by county or other political boundaries. This page is updated regularly, so check back often for new maps.

I. Crime

    Crime Rates by County

II. Demographic Shifts

III. Economic Indicators

     Percent of Population in Poverty

IV. Education

    Reference Map: School District Names

    Counties Eligible for Supplemental Lottery School Construction Funds

    Projected Enrollment Change & Lottery Supplement Eligibility

    Graduation Rates

V. Elections & Voting

     Legislative and Congressional Districts – 2010 Census impact

     2008 Turnout by County – with comparison to 2004

     Voter Registration Changes: 2000 to 2008

     House 2008 Candidate Filings      Senate 2008 Candidate Filings

    2004 Election Results        2006 Election Results

VI. Health

     Medicaid Enrollment & Expenditures

VI. Transportation

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