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Move your mouse over each level to see the benefits you get from being a Civitas member:

Civitas Basic Member $35.00 10%
Capitol Watch Partner $50.00 10%
Civitas Premier Member $100.00 20%
Civitas Sustaining Member $250.00 20%
Civitas Patron $500.00 40%
Advisory Council Member $1,000.00 50%
President’s Club Member $5,000.00 50%
Founder’s Circle Member $10,000.00 100%
John W. Pope Society $25,000.00 100%
  1. 1. Discount to designated events
  2. 2. Civitas Capitol Connection Newspaper
  3. 3. Opinion Surveys
  4. 4. Quarterly Newsletter
  5. 5. Issue Briefings
  6. 6. Civitas Review Magazine
  7. 7. Special mailings
  8. 8. Pre-Release polling summary
  1. 9. Receive Civitas Publications
  2. 10. Invitation to Steering Committee Meetings
  3. 11. Annual Donor Appreciation Event
  4. 12. Annual President’s Club Meeting
  5. 13. Input and Updates on Civitas direction and Long term planning
  6. 14. Invitation to Board Meeting
  7. 15. At-will conference meetings with president and staff

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Basic Civitas Institute Member: $35.00

The Basic Civitas Institute Membership includes a subscription to the Civitas Capitol Connection, inclusion in member opinion surveys, our quarterly newsletter, and a 10% discount to designated Civitas events.

Capitol Watch Partner $50.00

In addition to Basic Membership benefits, Civitas Capitol Watch Partners receive our regular issue briefings and a subscription to Civitas Review magazine.

Civitas Premier Member $100.00

The Civitas Premier Membership includes a subscription to the Civitas Review, inclusion in all special mailings, and a 20% discount to designated events, in addition to all Capitol Watch Partner benefits.

Civitas Sustaining Member $250.00

In addition to Premier Member benefits, Sustaining Members receive a summary of our polling data before it is released to the general public. Civitas performs the only live polling in the state, and this information is highly sought after.

Civitas Patron $500.00

Civitas Patrons, in addition to all Sustaining Member benefits, receive pre-release polling and a 40% discount to designated events.

Civitas Advisory Council Member $1,000.00

Advisory Council Members may choose to receive any or all of the many publications Civitas produces throughout the year, and a 50% discount to designated events. They may also participate in bi-annual advisory council meetings and conference calls. Advisory Council Members will also receive an invitation to the annual donor appreciation dinner.

President’s Club Member $5,000.00

In addition to receiving the benefits of the Advisory Council, President’s Club Members are invited to attend the annual President’s Club Meeting, and receive a special mention in our annual report.

Founder’s Circle Member $10,000.00

Founder’s Circle Members receive all the benefits of the President’s Club, and have the opportunity to give input and receive updates on Civitas direction and long-term planning. They will also receive free admission to designated Civitas events, special mention in our annual report, and recognition at special events.

John W. Pope Society Member $25,000.00

John W. Pope Society members receive all the benefits listed above plus a special mention in our Annual Report and recognition as a JWP Society Member at events as well as invitations to exclusive events. John W. Pope Society members receive invitations to closed-door board meetings.

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