Bob Luebke is Director of Policy for the Civitas Institute. In that capacity, Bob works with Civitas staff, law makers and other organizations to develop policy that limits government expansion, defends our values and protects our freedom. Bob’s work has focused mostly in the area of education. He knows education is one of the most important gifts a family and community can give a child.  For that reason, Bob is dedicated to improving our public schools and expanding educational opportunities for all children.

For the last three decades Bob has worked in positions in state and federal government as well as the private sector, all toward the goals of making our schools better and giving parents more choices in how their children are educated. Since coming to Civitas in 2007, Bob’s efforts have helped to lift the cap on charter schools, grow the Opportunity Scholarship Program and to pass North Carolina’s first Personal Education Savings Account program. Bob is a frequent guest on TV and radio programs throughout North Carolina.

His writing has appeared on web sites and in such newspapers as the Raleigh News & Observer, Charlotte Observer, Wilmington StarNewsOnline, Winston Salem Journal and others. Bob holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin and is the proud father of four grown children.