The Civitas Institute is proud to offer one of the most rewarding and competitive internship programs in North Carolina. Students learn vital skills while learning in a professional environment. In addition, interns learn the fundamentals of state government while working hand-in-hand with state leaders, think-tankers, and policy experts — discovering along the way how the lawmaking process works. In particular, interns will also have the unique opportunity to work closely with our staff, whether writing policy reports, working on our monthly newspaper, or helping to develop member outreach and new technologies. Interested, well-qualified candidates may contact the Institute for further information. The Civitas Institute offers competitive compensation for work performed.

  • Who you are – college student looking to get work experience in the non-profit policy sector while learning how policy and politics interact.
  • Interns interested in advancing conservative policy and philosophy.
  • An interest in state level (NC) government and politics is helpful.
  • Coursework or major in computer science, journalism, economics and political science helpful but all majors encouraged to apply.


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As an intern for the Civitas Institute, I was thrown right in the middle of North Carolina politics. I was inundated in state policy, became well acquainted with legislators, and published numerous articles on a wide range of issues. I rapidly developed expertise in understanding particular areas of public policy, had a large degree of discretion in determining which areas to specialize in, and was allowed many valuable press opportunities to discuss my work with the media including radio stations like WPTF and WUNC. Upon finishing my internship, I became fully employed as a Policy Analyst for Civitas and continue to advance my proficiency in North Carolina politics.
– Andrew Henson

My experience as an intern at the Civitas Institute was one of the most meaningful and valuble parts of my education. As an intern I had the chance to experience state politics from the inside and gain expertise in specific policy areas. Civitas events were wonderful networking opportunities where I got to meet legislators, activists, and political professionals. The Civitas staff really cares about helping interns be successful not only for a semester but afterwards as well. My supervisors are always willing to offer help and advice and let me take the lead on projects so that I could gain marketable skills.
– Taylor Holgate

I was fairly green when it came to the political world upon beginning my internship earlier this summer. Once I arrived, I was immediately immersed with the ins and outs of our state’s government. Looking back, I cannot believe how much I was able to learn in such a short time.
-Will Garvey Full post here


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