Bad Bill of the Week

  • SB 99: For Whose Benefit?

    This week’s Bad Bill of the Week is another repeat offender. SB 99, the North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act, is the same piece of legislation dubbed a “Bad Bill” by Civitas in 2011. This year’s version is sponsored by Senators Peter Brunstetter (R-Forsyth) and Eleanor Kinnaird (D-Orange). For starters, the underlying premise of creating a […]

  • HJR 171: Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

    This week’s Bad Bill of the Week is actually a House Joint Resolution. HJR 171, crafted by Rep. Verla Insko (D-Orange), urges the NC General Assembly to draft a resolution opposing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and calling on Congress to amend the Constitution to reverse the free […]

  • HB 18: Nanny State is the Real Burning Issue

    This week’s “Bad Bill of the Week” is HB 18. Known as the Youth Skin Cancer Prevention Act,  HB 18 would ban all North Carolinians under the age of 18 from indoor tanning. Though similar legislation has been tried before, this incarnation of the bill is sponsored by Representatives Mark Hollo (R-Alexander), Jim Fulghum M.D. (R-Wake), […]

  • HB 100: Unhealthy Government Intrusion, Take 2

    This week’s Bad Bill of the Week is a repeat offender. House Bill 100 Healthy Families & Workplaces/Paid Sick Days, sponsored by Reps. Alma Adams (D-Guilford) and Larry Hall (D-Durham), would criminalize voluntary work agreements between workers and employers. This bill is a replay of a bill dubbed a BBOTW in 2011. There’s little sense […]

  • Measure a Lock for ‘Bad Bill of the Week’

    Occupational licensing has been a frequent target for our Bad Bill of the Week series, so it’s not surprising that we didn’t have to wait long into the 2013 General Assembly Session for a burdensome licensing bill to be filed in the General Assembly. The bill: S.B. 18 to “Amend Locksmith License Act/Raise Fee Ceiling.” […]

  • Bad Bill of the Year TournamentExternal Link

  • HB 1015: A Flood of Tax Code in a Sinking Economy

    The federal and state tax codes in this country are confusing at best and unintelligible at worst. In fact, there is a whole group of people who dedicate their entire adult lives to breaking these codes and using their knowledge to help others. We call these enlightened beings “accountants”, and without them, many of us […]

  • SB 447: Making it Harder to Start Your Own Landscaping Business

    The specter of occupational licensing is once again growing in North Carolina, threatening to make it harder for people to find work. In this case the culprit is SB 447, a bill that would dramatically increase the licensing and regulation of landscape contractors in North Carolina. The bill was passed by the House Commerce Committee […]

  • HB 1136: Pro-Choicers Want Uninformed Choice

    Once again, pro-choice advocates are making themselves look pro-abortion. And they are using HB 1136, The Woman’s Right to Choose Act, to do so. Sponsored by Reps. Alma Adams (D-Guilford), Verla Insko (D-Orange), Beverly M. Earle (D-Mecklenburg), and Deborah K. Ross (D-Wake), this legislation would repeal the Woman’s Right to Know Act (S.L. 2011-405).  Under […]

  • HB 1166: A Tune The Taxpayer Will Not Sing

    Raising taxes on wage earners and small businesses seems to be the tune most opponents of a free market system like to sing as of late.  A tune that the typical taxpayer doesn’t care to hear.  Members of the General Assembly have recently proposed a tax hike that would affect many people and businesses.  And […]

  • HB 1149: Do the Central Planners Ever Learn?

    “Government should encourage mortgage lenders to make risky loans to an ‘underserved’ population; loans that wouldn’t otherwise be made without political pressure or incentives.” Does that sound like federal policies of the last decade that in large part gave rise to the housing bubble, the bursting of which prompted our economy to spiral into the […]

  • HB 1139: Greenbacks for Green Business

    Remember the embarrassing Solyndra debacle perpetrated by the federal government? You would think that North Carolina lawmakers would have learned a lesson about the futility of granting government privileges to inefficient “green” energy schemes. Think again. HB 1139, “Promote Renewable Jobs,”  sponsored by Reps. Jennifer Weiss (D-Wake), Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford), Paul Luebke (D-Durham), and Chuck […]

  • SB 861: Furniture Subsidy Has No Leg to Stand On

    North Carolina is a fantastic state in which to live. It has oceans, mountains, and lovely locations in between. For instance, in the middle of the state we find the city of High Point. Ask anyone about High Point and their response is sure to include the topic of furniture. Every year, the High Point […]

  • HB 1010: Spending Money Like it’s Free

    As North Carolina continues to struggle with one of the worst unemployment rates in the country, many families are finding ways to trim their household budget. But how many of you would think that adding an expensive cable channel that nobody watches would count as tightening your budget? Representative Ray Rapp does. Rapp (D-Haywood), along […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: SB 691 – Raising Rates on Driving

    Nobody likes going to the DMV. The lines are long, the wait is longer, and the service is generally subpar most times. It’s hard to imagine how people can tolerate waiting at the DMV without going mad. While the DMV experience is already dreadful, Senate Bill 691 seeks to also make it more expensive. SB […]

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