Author: Susan Myrick

  • Election Reforms Reveal Vote Fraud

    A stunning report by the State Board of Elections has revealed clear voter fraud in the 2012 election – evidently in tens of thousands of instances. The North Carolina State Board of Elections reported Wednesday to the Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee on the effects of the state’s new voter reforms. The most disturbing statistics […]

  • Another Look at NC Election Results

    Elections can be viewed at many different angles, from analyzing voter turnout to interpreting vote totals. That’s what consultants and candidates do to win races and election junkies do for fun. Voter turnout, broken down by demographics – i.e. party affiliation, gender, race and age ­– is important in understanding why the electorate votes the […]

  • Civitas Partisan Index – 2012

    The Civitas Partisan Index has been updated to show the political balance of power in North Carolina as revealed in the 2012 elections. While it does not predict elections, the CPI reveals which counties lean Republican or Democratic, plus illuminating larger trends. Modeled after the Cook Partisan Voting Index that was developed for congressional districts, […]

  • The Whole Story about Voter Reforms in NC

    Much has been said and written about the election law reform legislation known as VIVA (Voter Identification Verification Act – HB 589) – but too many of the reports are misleading or just plain wrong. The legislation was passed in the 2013 legislative session and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in August. Mostly, the old […]

  • Game-Playing at Forsyth Elections Board

    When I met Rob Coffman last month, he shook my hand and introduced himself as “the evil and incompetent Rob Coffman.” I don’t think he meant the introduction to be funny and I didn’t laugh. There is little doubt that there are many people who might agree with the Forsyth County Board of Elections (BOE) […]

  • D.C.’s Misguided Attack on NC Voting Law

    The U.S. Justice Department gave early warning to North Carolina news outlets that it would file a lawsuit later the same day to stop certain provisions of the new voter ID/election reform law passed in the 2013 legislative session.

  • Bob Hall & SBE Quiz

    A quiz about the highly questionable dealings of the State Board of Elections (SBE), including the massive, hidden and undue influence exerted by Bob Hall.

  • Election Reform Quiz 5

    North Carolina’s extensive election reform bill is quite lengthy, reaching 49 pages in length. Such a detailed bill provides an abundance of new rules and procedures. Civitas digs deeper into the bill’s details to continue to test your knowledge on this landmark legislation, with part 5 of the election reform quiz.

  • WSSU Voter Mailings Reveal Forsyth Election Problems

    The recent discovery of important voter mailings stacked up in a post office underlines long-standing failures by elections staff that the Forsyth County Board of Elections (BOE) must finally resolve. On Aug. 30, Ken Raymond, the new Forsyth County BOE Chairman, according to this Winston-Salem Journal article discovered hundreds of verification / list-maintenance mailings that […]

  • North Carolina Election Reform Quiz 4

    The Civitas quiz took last week off due to Labor Day, but there is still much to learn about the election reform bill. Test your knowledge with part 4.

  • The Facts Behind the Watauga County Elections Changes

    The Watauga County Board of Elections met on August 12 and “welcomed” a new board member who was ultimately elected chairman, Luke Eggers , a Republican. He had been sworn in almost one month after the other two board members, Bill Aceto, a Republican, and Kathleen Campbell, a Democrat. This article, with must-see videos of […]

  • The Way We Were – The Troubled Culture of North Carolina Elections

    It is expected to take a little more than two years to implement the new voter photo ID law, but it will take a lot longer to change the dysfunctional culture that is entrenched in the state and local boards of elections and their staffs. Not only has the legislature passed much-needed election reform legislation, […]

  • The Strange Case of the Missing Voters

    With the passage of HB 589 VIVA/Election Reform, the North Carolina legislature has produced the first comprehensive updating of our election laws in several decades. Until now our safeguards consisted of voters stating their names and addresses at the time they received their ballots – though in practice most only say their names, and elections […]

  • Election Complaints Must Be Shared with Public

    Imagine that you are in charge of an event of statewide or even national importance. You must interact with thousands of people over the course of months, with the action culminating on one very hectic day. Some of the people taking part will be groggy early in the morning; others will be tired and grumpy […]

  • Public Campaign Financing Quiz

    North Carolina has been using public funds and taxpayer dollars to subsidize political campaigns for several years. How much do you know about our state’s system of public campaign finance?

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