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  • Transportation Quiz

    Transportation Quiz

  • Veteran’s Day 2013 Quiz

    In honor of North Carolina's veterans, the Civitas Institute has created a special quiz to commemorate "those who have borne the battle."

  • October Poll Quiz

    Civitas recently hosted its October poll luncheon to discuss the results of the October statewide opinion poll. Some of the results have already been released to the general public, with more information to come. How much do you know about the pulse of North Carolina as it relates to political issues? To find out, take this week’s quiz.

  • Mental Health Quiz

    North Carolina’s mental health industry has experienced dramatic changes and been the source of much debate over the past few decades. But how much do you know about the state of mental health services in NC? Take this week’s quiz to find out.

  • Obamacare Exchange Quiz

    The rollout of the Obamacare health insurance "exchanges" has been universally identified as a disaster. But how much do you know about the exchanges themselves? To test your knowledge, take this week’s quiz.

  • Quiz on Education Reform

    The Civitas institute has posted a two-part series examining the facts behind education reform efforts in the 2013 legislative session. Take this week’s quiz to test your knowledge about this important topic.

  • Wake County Bond Quiz

    On October 8, Wake County voters will cast their votes on an $810 million bond dedicated to public school construction and renovation. To test your knowledge about this fiscal issue, take this week’s quiz.

  • Bob Hall & SBE Quiz

    A quiz about the highly questionable dealings of the State Board of Elections (SBE), including the massive, hidden and undue influence exerted by Bob Hall.

  • Election Reform Quiz 5

    North Carolina’s extensive election reform bill is quite lengthy, reaching 49 pages in length. Such a detailed bill provides an abundance of new rules and procedures. Civitas digs deeper into the bill’s details to continue to test your knowledge on this landmark legislation, with part 5 of the election reform quiz.

  • Constitution Day Quiz

    Today is Constitution day; celebrating the 226th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Take our quiz and find out how much you know about it!

  • Common Core Quiz

    Now that schools are back in session across North Carolina, there is renewed interest in what students are learning and how they are learning it, especially Common Core. But how much do you know about Common Core?

  • North Carolina Election Reform Quiz 4

    The Civitas quiz took last week off due to Labor Day, but there is still much to learn about the election reform bill. Test your knowledge with part 4.

  • Elections Reform Quiz 3

    North Carolina’s new election reform law is quite comprehensive – all the more reason to be educated on its many facets. To continue to test your knowledge, take part 3 of the election reform quiz.

  • Election Reform Quiz 2

    Plenty of misinformation continues to be put out regarding North Carolina’s new election reform law, HB 589. Take Part 2 of our quiz to test your knowledge!

  • Elections Reform Quiz

    Election reform has emerged as one of the most contentious issues of the 2013 session, receiving national attention. But how much do the protesters – or you – know about the election reform law? Take the quiz to test your knowledge.

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