NC Poll: McCrory Maintains Lead

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Charlotte Mayor holds onto 2 point lead in latest poll

Raleigh, N.C. – Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory has maintained his lead in the race for governor over Democratic rival Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue according to a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute.

According to the live telephone survey of 600 likely General Election voters, Perdue leads McCrory 41-38 among those who initially voiced support for a candidate. However, when undecided voters are asked which way they lean, McCrory’s lead becomes 43-41. Libertarian candidate Michael Munger receives two percent of the vote. 14 percent of voters remained undecided.

“The results of this poll are basically identical to one we did two weeks ago. There has been practically no movement in the race,” said Francis De Luca, Executive Director of the Civitas Institute. “Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen Perdue step up her attacks on McCrory, attempting to tie him to President Bush, but those attacks do not seem to be working.”

McCrory’s lead is sustained by his strong showing among unaffiliated voters, where he has a 14 point advantage (46-32). Among Republicans he leads 77-13, while Perdue leads among Democrats 64-17.

“There is still a significant portion of undecided voters out there,” added De Luca. “With both candidates’ polling in the low 40s and the election less than a month away, this race is still wide open.”

Previous Civitas Poll results:
May – Perdue 43, McCrory 42
June – Perdue 43, McCrory 41, Munger 2
July – Perdue 43, McCrory 40, Munger 2
August – Perdue 43, McCrory 41, Munger 3
September – McCrory 43, Perdue 41, Munger 3

Click here for full results and crosstabs.

The study of 600 registered voters was conducted October 6-8 by Tel Opinion Research of Alexandria, Virginia. All respondents were part of a fully representative sample of registered voters in North Carolina. For purposes of this study, voters we interviewed had to have voted in either the 2002, 2004 or 2006 general election or were newly registered voters since 2006. The voters were interviewed using live callers.

The confidence interval associated with a sample of this size is such that: 95% of the time, results from 600 interviews (registered voters) will be within +-4.2% of the “True Values.” “True Values” refer to the results obtained if were possible to interview every person in North Carolina who had voted in either the 2002, 2004 or 2006 general elections or were newly registered voters since 2006.



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