New UNC System President Funded Abortions and Gay Rights in North Carolina

This is the second of a three part series examining the new president of the University of North Carolina Thomas Ross.
Part 1: Ross speedily confirmed as President of UNC System, ACORN ties and all

Thomas Ross, while the head of the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, steered over $280,000 to Planned Parenthood from 2001-2007 and an additional $50,000 to NARAL Pro-Choice America. Both groups provide abortions and inevitably had the most to gain from the UNC system’s new health care plan, which up until last week included coverage for elective abortions.

Ross gave directly to such groups in the almost seven years he served as Executive Director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, a leftist foundation which gives hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to liberal activist groups that support abortion, comprehensive sexual education, gay rights and radical, third-wave feminism.

As Executive Director, he approved money for the Equality NC Foundation in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, and projects like the Women’s Economic Equity Project. He approved $70,000 for the international non-profit IPAS, whose mission is to empower women by exercising their sexual and reproductive rights. Financially giving to groups like NC Lambda Youth Network, a “youth-led statewide leadership development network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied (LGBTA) young people, ages 13 to 24,” is most alarming as he will oversee 200,000 students in the UNC system beginning in January 2011.

Examining his resume, the new UNC president proves to be yet another love child of liberal groups seeking greater power and more influence – this time in education. Here are some more donation figures from the new president of the UNC system:


  • ACLU: “To support the salary of a reproductive health education coordinator.” $30K
  • Center for Community Action, Inc.: “For the implementation phase of the Women’s Economic Equity Project.”  $70K
  • Equality NC Foundation: “For general operating support to strengthen leadership for the LGBT community in North Carolina.” $35K
  • IPAS: “To promote sexual and reproductive rights advocacy in North Carolina’s Latino communities.” $40K
  • Planned Parenthood: “For the Strategic Advocacy Today, a Pro-Choice Tomorrow Program.” $175K


  • Equality, NC Foundation: “For general operating support.” $20K
  • IPAS: “To promote sexual and reproductive rights advocacy in North Carolina’s Latino Communities.” $30K
  • Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc.: $50K
  • Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina: $30K


  • Planned Parenthood: $25K
  • NC Lambda Youth Network: “Rainbow Youth Coalition (RYC).” $15K


  • NARAL Pro-Choice America: “General operating support.” $50K

Ross’ previous roles in North Carolina have been political appointments. Raleigh News and Observer reporter Rob Christenson said “In turning to Ross, the UNC Board of Governors found someone who is part of a relatively small group of men and women who run North Carolina’s politics, businesses, foundations, courts and law firms.” Ross’ appointment as head of the state’s largest institution will make sure that the “relatively small group” continues to control the direction of North Carolina, elections or no elections.

The amount of money contributed under Ross’ leadership to such radical left organizations portends what will likely be an unfortunate shift of the UNC system from the moderate, non-partisan and businesslike leadership of Erskine Bowles. We can instead expect to see a more openly liberal, partisan direction coming from the central administration in Chapel Hill, at least if history is an indicator.

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