Bad Bill of the Week: SB 558 – Unhealthy Government Intrusion

Senate Bill 558 Healthy Families & Workplaces/Paid Sick Days (McKissick D-Durham) offers up an unhealthy dose of government intrusion into voluntary labor agreements.

(There is an equivalent House Bill, HB 223 sponsored by Alma Adams, D-Guilford).

The bill would mandate a certain threshold of paid sick days, and also detail what qualifies as a paid sick day. In other words, it would outlaw voluntary agreements between employer and employee that didn’t meet the government standards.

In a free society, it is none of the government’s business how many paid sick days employers offer to their workers. Moreover, imposing more labor expenses upon businesses will force them to either reduce salary or other benefits, or reduce the number of workers. Allowing entrepreneurs the flexibility to offer differing benefits packages as part of their compensation plan inspires a more competitive labor market.

Because it injects political force into a peaceful and mutually voluntary employment agreement, SB 558/HB 223 is this week’s Bad Bill of the Week.

This article was posted in Bad Bill of the Week by Brian Balfour on May 20, 2011 at 5:19 PM.

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    PJ Lofland
    PJ Lofland May 25, 2011 at 10:17

    I assume this bill will go nowhere. There seems to be no end to the liberals lust for taxpayer dollars even to the detriment of all the citizens of NC. They must lie awake at night trying to come up with yet another scheme to fleece us and then when they fall asleep…dream of even more.

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