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While the Economy Busts, Lottery Sales Boom

Much like the economy, it’s more bust than boom for those playing the North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL). Unlike the economy, however, bust is the normal state of affairs for lottery players—with slim statistical margins rarely yielding a winning ticket. However, that hasn’t deterred a strong uptick in lottery sales…


Reflections On Leandro

Reflections on the monumental North Carolina Supreme Court decision that continues to change the face of state educational standards and funding.


State Lawmakers’ “Risky Business”

Risk is the word of the day on Jones Street.  “At-risk” that is. A term used for deciding eligibility for the state’s Pre-K program (formerly More at Four), “at-risk” has had a rather fluid definition over the years. Now lawmakers are seeking to clarify, and perhaps alter, the state’s at-risk…


The General Assembly’s Pre-K Lemons

Life handed the General Assembly lemons, and they’re making… Well, for the time being they’re still just lemons. But recent developments at the General Assembly in the form of a legislative study committee could mitigate some of the Republican-controlled legislature’s public relations woes surrounding the state’s celebrated Pre-Kindergarten (formerly More…


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Basnight’s Reign Underscores Need for Term Limits

After the 2010 election, North Carolina witnessed the end of the longest political regime in the state’s history: the 17 year reign of Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight (D – Dare). The event serves as a sobering reminder of how skilled politicians can wield enduring power, and underscores the…


Dirty Deals for Durham Gov’t Jobs?

There is a dark cloud of controversy hanging over Durham County following a recent decision to fire a high performing Department of Social Services (DSS) Director – Gerri Robinson – and replace her with a member of the DSS Board who voted to fire her. Durham County DSS is entrusted…

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