Author: Regina Conley

  • Certificate of Need: The Cost of the Process

    A hospital applying for authorization to use their own funds for hospital projects will, on average, pay a minimum of $32,000 per Certificate of Need (CON) application. The CON system has been in place in North Carolina since 1974 as an attempt to regulate federal funding for programs like Medicare and Medicaid and limit healthcare […]

  • Top Possible Veto Overrides

    Several possible veto overrides are in the air as legislators reconvene later this month to discuss Gov. Bev Perdue’s record-breaking 15 vetoes.  The question remains as to whether both chambers have the three-fifths majority needed to bypass the Governor’s signature and ratify these bills into law. Below are the top six bills to watch as […]

  • Women’s Right to Know Act Embodies “Pro-Choice” Mentality

    No one can call themselves “pro-choice” and “pro-woman” and stand in opposition to the Women’s Right to Know Act (House bill 854).  This piece of legislation requires that women receive a consultation with a doctor, are given information on alternatives to abortion, offered an ultrasound, and given a 24-hour waiting period before having an abortion. […]

  • Session Gains Ground on Family Issues

    The 2011 legislative session was marked by a significant amount of pro-life and pro-family legislation. The most contested of these was HB 854, the “Women’s Right to Know Act,”which would have required that women be completely informed of all alternatives to abortion, offered an ultrasound, and given a 24-hour waiting period before making the final […]

  • Bad Bill of the Week: SB 527: Taxpayer Bailout of Risky Investments

    SB 527, “Life Science Development Act”, has once again resurfaced from the depths of buried legislation. Similar legislation was proposed in the 2009-2010 and the 2010-2011 sessions, failing to go anywhere each time. Indeed, the 2009 version was also the recipient of a Bad Bill of the Week award. Yet here it is again. It […]