• Barber Attacks Religious Right — But Who Is Really ‘Just Running Their Mouths’?

    By Dr. Mark Creech Last month, in a sermon the media described as “fire and thunder,” [1] the Rev. William Barber, head of the NC NAACP, mounted the pulpit of Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and began to excoriate all things political — to the right. Barber singled out by name U.S. Senator […]

  • Civitas Partisan Index – 2012

    The Civitas Partisan Index has been updated to show the political balance of power in North Carolina as revealed in the 2012 elections. While it does not predict elections, the CPI reveals which counties lean Republican or Democratic, plus illuminating larger trends. Modeled after the Cook Partisan Voting Index that was developed for congressional districts, […]

  • Civitas Supports the 2nd Amendment

    Dear Friend, I am writing to reassure you that there is no connection whatsoever between the Civitas Institute and a newspaper chain that reportedly was planning to create a nationwide database of people with legal permits to carry concealed firearms. The confusion cropped up because the name of this newspaper group is Civitas Media, and […]

  • N&O Editorial on Common Core: Misinformed and Misguided

    In an editorial earlier this week, News & Observer editors admonished those who seek to slow down the implementation of Common Core Standards and want the state to back out from national testing requirements. The editor’s arguments are weak and selective in their consideration of relevant facts. First, the editors — and many other supporters […]

  • The Big Mo: Raleigh Area’s Success Offers Lessons

    A new survey suggesting the future looks bright for the greater Raleigh area has important lessons for the whole state. The website recently published a study of which metro areas have the most economic momentum as 2014 gets under way. The Praxis Strategy Group looked at factors such as GDP growth, job growth, unemployment rates, population […]

  • Medicaid Expansion: A Quick Primer

    In North Carolina, most news coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, has focused on the massive technical failures of the federal exchange website. But there is another healthcare issue that is heating up all over the country: Medicaid expansion. This article should help provide some background information for North Carolinians […]

  • For Mentally Ill, Some Long-Awaited Glimmers of Hope

    A version of this op-ed appeared in the Charlotte Observer. Last week, a young man from eastern North Carolina named Keith Vidal became the latest victim in a long series of preventable tragedies caused by untreated severe mental illness. Police shot and killed Keith, a 90-pound, 18-year-old boy who suffered from schizophrenia. It is a […]

  • Unemployment Insurance: You Get What You Pay For

    “You get what you pay for” goes one popular old adage. And in North Carolina, it appears that we had for some time been paying to secure one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

  • 26 More Charter Schools: Let’s Celebrate!

    Last week the State Board of Education gave final approval to 26 new charter schools in North Carolina. The new schools are scheduled to open this fall. The addition of more than two dozen new charter schools is the largest increase in the number of new charter schools since the late 1990s. Over half of […]

  • The Whole Story about Voter Reforms in NC

    Much has been said and written about the election law reform legislation known as VIVA (Voter Identification Verification Act – HB 589) – but too many of the reports are misleading or just plain wrong. The legislation was passed in the 2013 legislative session and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in August. Mostly, the old […]

  • Crossover Bills Still in Play

    On Wednesday, May 14, the North Carolina General Assembly will reconvene at noon for what is called the “short session.” One thing that people may not realize about the short session is there are crossover bills that will be eligible to be considered. According to the General Assembly Website crossover bills are: a. Senate bills […]

  • Portrait of a Hit Piece

    Bill Moyers – for many years an advocate on television for liberal causes — recently gave North Carolina a lesson in how to disguise bias and distortions as news, and we should pay attention to how he did it. Moyers & Company, his outfit, recently put out a TV/online program called “North Carolina: Battleground State.” […]

  • The New Front Lines of Mental Health

    This week, another preventable tragedy in North Carolina. From WWAY NC: A Boiling Springs Lake father says his son was murdered by police this afternoon. Mark Wilsey called police when his 18-year-old, 90 lb. son had a screwdriver that he would not let go…his son, Keith Vidal, had schizophrenia and was having an episode Sunday […]

  • How to Keep Poor People Poor

    If I wanted to keep poor people poor, there are several government policies I would favor. For starters, I would advocate for a robust and ever-expanding welfare state. Programs like Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance, etc.? Perfect poverty traps. I would recognize that a perfect recipe for keeping poor people poor is to create incentives […]

  • Additional Speakers for CLC 2014 announced. More to come soon.External Link

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