Assembly under New Management

On an otherwise dreary Wednesday afternoon, a newly instated and historical legislative body wasted no time in setting the tone for the 2011-12 session with a series of substantial changes in legislative procedure. Wielding a strong governing mandate, Republican leadership moved quickly to enact a new set of rules to govern their respective legislative bodies shaped by their years spent on the sidelines.

After spending over a century as the minority party in one chamber or the other, Republicans put forth rules that tended to be assertive, and at times, conciliatory. Bolstered by a dissatisfied public, these rules demonstrate a readiness to govern and project an image of strong leadership and momentum in the General Assembly that may fluster the new minority.

See the summary of the new rules for the:

NC House
By Andrew Blackburn

NC Senate
By Andrew Henson

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    Tom Feb 02, 2011 at 19:56

    The NC GOP needs to give NC’s hundreds of municipalities and 100 counties full, constitutional home-rule powers. We’re one of only 16 states that allows the level of expensive, imperial micromanagement to go on, sans constitutional home-rule. No wonder this state has so many attorneys (40,000+) and 7 law schools; they feed on this massive imperial micromanagement from the Imperial Assembly.

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