Lisa Marley: Outer Banks Blogger and Volunteer

Lisa MarleyOne thing Lisa Marley definitely does not have is time. In addition to her role as town crier, Tea Party leader and precinct chair, in her own words, she said she is also a wife, a care-taker of “not a few cats” and a full-time employee in a job that is “just plain fun.”

“Everything else is a challenge that can be overcome,” Marley said.

Lured into the role of activist when President Barack Obama introduced in 2009 a federal law mandating that every American be covered by health insurance, which has become known as Obamacare, Marley and a group of other activists went to work on organizing a local Dare County Tea Party rally. The rally attracted 300 people to it. Acknowledging that she felt conservative “voices had been silenced for far too long and that it was time to do something,” she decided to speak up.

“There are only two buses that go to Washington DC, the Democrat bus and the Republican bus,” Marley said. “If you’re not on one of those buses, you’re not going to be able to affect public policy.”

Attending Civitas Institute watchdog training in November 2009 taught by Trent Seibert of Houston-based Texas Watchdog, Marley said she was inspired to set up a blog immediately while participating in the class. Her blog,, an investigative journalism blog focused on Dare County politics, has helped to unfold corrupt actions made by state leaders. Just as importantly, it has become a community forum for providing information not found in mainstream media.

“We’ve seen two of Marc Basnight and Gov. Beverly Perdue’s deep-pocket donors brought up on criminal charges related to illegal campaign donations,” Marley said. “One donor, Fred Hobbs, was fined by the State Board of Elections $150,000, the largest fine ever levied by that body.”

Basnight is the former state Senate President Pro Tempore, who represented a Dare County-based district, and held the leadership position for 18 years before Republicans swept the state in the November 2010 elections. While he retained his seat, Basnight resigned the day before the 2011 long session began.

Marley’s success with her blog made matters easier for her when she founded the Outer Banks Tea Party. She is heavily involved with organizing the OBX Tea Party and also writes for And if that wasn’t enough involvement, she is also a precinct chair with the Dare County Republican Party.

“We are finding that as the local GOP is asserting itself and showcasing its victories, future conservative leaders are starting to come out of the closet,” Marley said. “They know it’s ok to talk about their values, that they are not alone and that, if they run for office, they will have a strong machine to help get them elected.”

Where does she get this energy? Marley said she derives her inspiration from the Revolutionary War military and its humbled beginnings. When she thinks of struggle, she thinks of the extreme challenges, hardships and sacrifices the soldiers endured to forge ahead in establishing the United States of America.

“Our founders gave up so much to give us this country; the most prosperous, freest country ever to exist on the face of the Earth,” Marley said. “The founders pledged and gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.”

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