Author: Jana Benscoter

  • Lisa Marley: Outer Banks Blogger and Volunteer

    One thing Lisa Marley definitely does not have is time. In addition to her role as town crier, Tea Party leader and precinct chair, in her own words, she said she is also a wife, a care-taker of “not a few cats” and a full-time employee in a job that is “just plain fun.” “Everything […]

  • Civitas Capitol Connection April 2011

  • Cathy Heath: Advocate Against Forced Annexation

    Working the equivalent of a full-time job for the past eight years, Cathy Heath jumped on board with StopNCAnnexation in 2003 when she felt the arm of local government made its way too close to her house in Cary. The town of Cary, the year before, had been in a contentious battle with local residents […]

  • Civitas Capitol Connection February 2011

    Read all about the new General Assembly and their agenda for the 2011 legislative session.

  • Optimism is Great, but Where are the Jobs?

    The January 2011 announcement of 1,900 jobs lost at the American Express Greensboro location is more jobs lost in Guilford County than in all of 2010 closings and layoffs put together. An area typically registering above the statewide unemployment average is now watching as a 25 year-old Greensboro big hitter call center takes its jobs, and philanthropic support, to Phoenix, Az., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . .

  • Increased Communication Vital for Liberty

    The recent shooting spree against U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords of Arizona shocked the political world, a world already riddled with very little compromise and reliable uncertainty. Giffords has been heralded as a positive advocate for her constituents, a fighter who narrowly wins her district in a conservative-leaning state. When Giffords was shot in the head by a shooter described by both Republicans and Democrats as characteristically "unstable," she was participating in what many news reports detailed as Giffords doing what she loved best, which is communicating with the public in a town hall style meeting.

  • Public Fishing Piers Perceived as Job Creators

    Five goals that spell out the purpose of three North Carolina Aquarium fishing piers do not mention the word jobs. The three piers are Jennette’s Pier – currently under construction in Nags Head – and Emerald Isle and Carolina Beach piers, which are both in early stages of financing and development. Once the projects are done, North Carolina taxpayers will help finance $56 million to $75 million of the construction, as well as help pay for each pier’s operating and personnel budgets every year.

  • Even Part-Time Lawmakers Collecting Above Average Pay

    North Carolina's top-paid legislator in 2009 earned 48 percent more than the average state government employee earned in the same year, and 54 percent more than the average private sector employee. The top-paid legislator was Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight, D-Dare, who collected $86,211.48. The top-paid legislators also hold the highest offices in the state General Assembly. Among the 25 legislators collecting the highest compensation in 2009, the vast majority were Democrats; only six were Republicans.

  • Senator’s Company Receives a Slice of $25 Million Pie

    Basnight Construction was awarded subcontracted work on part of the new $25 million Jennette’s Pier project currently under construction in Nags Head. The amount of money the construction company is being paid and the scope of work being performed are currently undisclosed.

  • HB 1005: All Aboard!

    North Carolina lawmakers during the 2009 legislative session have set the state up to write blank checks. Those checks would cover the costs to build commuter choo choo services in areas such as the Charlotte metro and Raleigh-Durham, where the fight to build light-rail services has been on-going for years.

  • Legislators Tell North Carolinians: Go Fish

    Whether you are an avid vacationer in Nags Head or not, here comes a party house on the North Carolina coast that will only cost taxpayers a conservative $25 million to construct. Oh yeah, and there’s a pier attached to it. Normally, “Bad Bill of the Week” is dedicated to those who are trying to get legislation passed. However, this week we had to take note of one particular bill, HB628, which blew through the General Assembly at a much faster rate than most.