July Civitas Poll Lunches: NC Remains a Key State in Campaigns

The July Civitas Poll Lunches — one in Charlotte, one in Raleigh — provided close looks at the political races and voters’ outlooks.

At the Raleigh Poll Lunch, the News & Observer’s Rob Christensen observed that NC remains a key state. First, politically and demographically, “North Carolina is Middle America.” That makes it key for both parties. Plus, it is really three battlegrounds — for the White House, the governorship, and congressional seats.

Meanwhile, voters are discontented, and tuning out the $38 million in political ads that have been run recently. “The meter has not been moved,” he said. That may make the Democrats’ “ground game” a big edge on Nov. 6.

Civitas President Francis X. De Luca pointed out one key poll result: “Voters do not think the recession is over.” Only a small fraction thinks we have gotten out of recession; in fact, 62 percent think the recession will last another two years or longer.

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More on the results is posted below. Most are self-explanatory. A note of explanation on one aspect of the poll: Respondents were asked about the administration’s new health care law, with half the questions calling the law “the Affordable Care Act” and half calling it “Obamacare.” Some observers say the Obamacare label is a negative one, but the poll results suggest the labels have little impact.



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